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Linkage Map Weight List
Use this option to specify numeric values greater than zero in a space-delimited1 list, which represent the relative weight assigned to each of the linkage map files in building the consensus map.
There must be exactly one weight value for each linkage map file. Weights are typically based on the sample size (N) of each linkage map. For example, when building a consensus from three linkage maps A, B, and C, for example, where N for A = 40, N for B = 20, and N for C =15, then the weights would be entered as 40 20 15, as shown below:
If this field is left blank, then an unweighted list will be assumed, that is, every linkage map will have a weight value of 1.
To Specify Weights for Each Linkage Map:

A list is space-delimited when the individual values are separated by a single space.