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PROC GLIMMIX Additional Statements
Enter additional SAS PROC GLIMMIX options in this field to override default parameters.
Additional statements that you might want to specify include:
Refer to the PROC GLIMMIX documentation for appropriate syntax.
To specify one or more additional PROC GLIMMIX statements, use the following syntax:
Option is the PROC GLIMMIX option, and
a space is used to delimit individual conditions.
Examples of commonly used PROC GLIMMIX options are listed in the following table.
Most models fit with the GLIMMIX procedure typically have one or more nonlinear parameters. Estimation requires nonlinear optimization methods. You can control the optimization through options using the NLOPTIONS statement.
Invalid Statements
By default, CLASS, MODEL, RANDOM, and OUTPUT statements are automatically generated to fit the radial basis machine, so do not specify any of these statements. Also, do not specify a BY statement, since the SAS code is currently not set up to handle BY groups.
To Specify One or More Additional PROC GLIMMIX Options:
Type specific PROC GLIMMIX options in the PROC GLIMMIX Statement Options field.
For example, to restrict the analysis to males only, type WHERE SEX=’M’in the text field, as shown below:
For Additional Information
Refer to the SAS PROC GLIMMIX documentation for more information.