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Minimum Number of Columns to Scan
This optional parameter is particularly useful for importing extremely wide raw data with Tab-, Comma-, or Space-delimited formatted files such as Genetic Marker (SNP) data. The specified number indicates the number of columns in the raw data file to be scanned to determine the attributes of variables (columns) in the SAS data set. The attributes include type (such as numerical, character, and date) and length. The value that you enter in this field must be between 0 and 100000, inclusive.
The columns after the specified number of columns are assumed to have the same attributes (column type and length) as the last scanned column.
Leave this parameter at the default value of 0 to scan all available columns.
Caution: Specifying large values for this parameter can slow down the import process.
To Specify the Minimum Number of Columns to Scan: