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Track Bar Chart
The Track Bar Chart process uses a SAS data set as input to create a settings (.sas) file that defines a track consisting of a bar chart of a quantitative variable. This settings file can then be selected as a track file for embellishing various graphics plotted along a genome.
What do I need?
A single SAS Input Data Set, which contains a numeric histogram variable, is required. The histogram variable contains the heights of each histogram bar, and should be specified as the Y Variable.
The huex_1_mn_trimmed_bew_iqr_amr.sas7bdat data set represents a subset of an IQR-normalized SAS data set (generated from Affymetrix human exon data that is available in the JMP Genomics Sample Data\Copy Number folder, using the Basic Exon/Alternative Splicing Workflow), and serves as an example. It is partially shown below.
An additional data set, the Annotation Data Set, is optional unless the input data set does not contain relevant annotation information. This data set contains information such as gene identity or chromosomal location, for each of the markers.
For detailed information about the files and data sets used or created by JMP Life Sciences software, see Files and Data Sets.
Running the Track Bar Chart process results in the generation of the TrackBarChart_-log10p Tissue by settings file, whose path is displayed in a JMP Genomics Message window.
This file can be used with any JMP Genomics process having a Tracks tab.