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Merge and Transform
The Merge and Transform process merges two SAS data sets that share a common set of variables and computes an arbitrary function for each pair of variables having the same name. The output data set is a transformed merge of the two input data sets.
Caution: You must be familiar with SAS programming to use this utility. Please refer to Base SAS documentation ( for more information.
What do I need?
Any two SAS Input Data Sets containing a common set of numeric variables. You must specify the variables to be merged and transformed.
For example, the chips45and55_z.sas7bdat and chips45and55_sfs.sas7bdat data sets (shown below) serve as base and merge input SAS data sets, respectively. The X_Block and Y_Block variables (shaded green in each), are Merge Key Variables.
The Merge Key Variables have been specified to be dropped in the output. The f_45 and m_55 variables are to be transformed. Both of these actions are conducted using the following Transform Expression:
varb[i] = log2(max(varb[i]-varm[i]+32,1));
keep Unit Probe_Set_ID Probe f_45 M_55;
For detailed information about the files and data sets used or created by JMP Life Sciences software, see Files and Data Sets.
Refer to the Merge and Transform output documentation for a detailed description of the output of this process
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