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The DATA Step process enables you to use SAS DATA Step commands to modify a SAS data set. Because any SAS DATA Step commands can be used, this process provides you with a very general mechanism for performing ad hoc manipulations and modifications on a SAS data set.
Caution: This process requires knowledge of SAS DATA Step and other commands. Please refer to Base SAS documentation ( for more information. You should not attempt to use this process unless you have some experience with SAS programming.
What do I need?
Any SAS data set can be used with this process.
For example, the adsl.sas7bdat data set (found in the \LifeSciences\Sample Data\Nicardipine\ADaM directory included with JMP Genomics and JMP Clinical, and described in Nicardipine) shown below, can be used.
The AGE column (highlighted in yellow) is used in the following DATA Step Statements to create a new column named AGE_GROUP:
length AGE_GROUP $15;
if AGE < 40 then AGE_GROUP = "0 - 39";
else if AGE <= 65 then AGE_GROUP = "40 - 65";
else AGE_GROUP = "65 and over";
For detailed information about the files and data sets used or created by JMP Life Sciences software, see Files and Data Sets.
The output of this process consists of one data set with the modifications specified in the SAS DATA Step.
In this example, the AGE column (highlighted yellow, above) was used to compute the new AGE_GROUP column (highlighted red, below).