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Chromosome Segmentation Plots
Note: This tab only appears after you have drilled down into a region of the Chromosome Segmentation Summary plot. To generate this tab, follow the instructions listed in the Generating the Chromosome Segmentation Plots Tab section below.
The Chromosome Segmentation Plots tab is shown below:
The Chromosome Segmentation Summary tab contains the following elements:
Study the graphs in this tab to see exactly how copy number is changing in each chromosome and sample. You can change properties of the graphs using the Display Options buttons on the left hand side. Click the Refresh button to apply the changes.
Generating the Chromosome Segmentation Plots Tab
To generate the plot shown above for the example used here, complete the following steps:
Move your mouse to the x-axis of the graph on theChromosome Segmentation Summary tab until a hand icon appears with fingers pointing to the left.
Click in the Action Buttons pane to generate the Chromosome Segmentation Plots tab, shown above.