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Chromosome Segmentation Summary
The Chromosome Segmentation Summary tab is shown below:
The Chromosome Segmentation Summary tab contains the following elements:
This Graph Builder Plot of Sample versus Physical Position plot shows the mean copy number for each chromosome and sample using a color theme. Correspondence of copy number and color is given by the legend.
Use the color theme to identify regions of a particular copy number and to visually compare results across samples and chromosomes. Sharp changes in color indicate places where the estimated copy number changes.
The data filter enables you to dynamically reduce the graph builder display in various ways. In addition to basic sample identifiers, a range of common statistical summaries are available to find copy number regions of interest.
Use the slider bars to select ranges of the statistics.
You can use the Action Button to examine a region of interest in more detail.
To drill down, first select the region of interest in the Segmentation Summary graph by dragging a rectangle around them with the mouse.