Output | Expression | Pseudo Image

Pseudo Image
The Pseudo Image tab is shown below:
The Pseudo Image tab contains the following elements:
This plot represents a merge of information from both the input data set (Response) and coordinate data set (X- and Y-coordinates).
JMPs Magnifier () was used to zoom in on a selected portion of the plot (indicated by the rectangle in the figure above). The magnified image is shown below:
Each dot in the image represents a spot on the array. Intensity values for each spot are specified by color according the scale at the bottom of the plot.
Note: Graphs and their associated JMP tables are dynamically linked; selecting any feature on a graph highlights the corresponding row(s) in the associated table, and vice versa - thus, providing you with another way to filter the data.
Note: The associated JMP tables can be accessed from the drop-down menus in the Tabs pane, by clicking View Data.