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This process tabulates the number of observations distributed among selected groups.
The example shown below was generated using the included Nicardipine data. Patients treated with hydralazine, labetalol HCL, and Mannitol, either alone or in combination, identified using the Interventions Incidence Screen process, were grouped and tabulated by medications.
Columns in the output data set generated by the Interventions Incidence Screen process are listed in the Control Panel (above, left). Different medication regimes are indicated by either a 1 (received medication) or 0 (did not receive medication) in the table at right. The total number of patients in each treatment arm (NIC .15 or Placebo), receiving a particular medication regime are indicated.
To add additional groupings to the table, complete the following steps:
The table is updated to include all potential groupings. In the example shown below, dopamine was added to the table.
You can use additional buttons to change the format of the display. Additional action buttons include Profile Subjects and Cluster Subjects.