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AE Term Level
Use this option to specify which level of adverse event terms to use as categories.
Possible term levels are listed in the following table:
Term Level1
Uses a dictionary-derived text description of the adverse event, listed in the AEDECOD column in AE, that defines the corresponding value in the AETERM or AEMODIFY column.
A preferred term is restricted to a single medical concept.
Verbatim terms are identified by values within the reported term (AETERM) variable of the AE.sas7bdat data set.
Grouping of MedDRA terms, at a defined level, that describes a specific medical condition.

Note: Not all term levels are available in all of the processes in which term levels are specified.

Note: The dictionary name and version used to generate the descriptions should be included as part of the submission.
To Specify the Term Level: