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Apply subject filter
Check the box to apply any subject filters generated for your study using the Create Subject Filter process (accessed from the Subject Utilities submenu).
Caution and Tip: Before checking the Apply subject filter box, ensure that you are aware of any previously created filter. You can check for the existence of a filter by clicking the Open button located next to the Output Folder field, taking note of whether subjectfilter.sas7bdat exists. If it does, you can view the subjects that are included in the filter by opening the subjectfilter.sas7bdat data set.
The Create Filter Button
Note: The availability of the Create Filter button varies by process.
Click the Create Filter button to open and auto-run the DM Distribution process for creating a filter. Once you have selected the desired subjects in a graph or table, click the Create Subject Filter action button found on the left-hand pane of that process.
Reminder: The Create Subject Filter process found in the Subject Utilities submenu can be used instead of the Create Filter button.