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Baseline Time Window
Use this text field to specify bracketed time values (start and end times separated by commas (,) within square brackets ([])) that define the baseline time window. The average of the measurements taken within this window is used to form the baseline value for each findings test.
Important: The Baseline Time Window only applies to measurements that have already been flagged as baseline measurements by the ABLFL (for data sets from the ADaM folder) or xxBLFL (for data sets from the SDTM folder) variable (if either exists).
Only one window can be specified.
The window must be expressed in the form [s,e] ... where s is the numeric start time and e is the numeric end time. The time unit can be days or weeks as specified in the Time Scale parameter. Each time point is relative to the reference start date for each subject.
If a time window consists of a single time unit, you can specify a single numeric value within brackets for that window.
If this field is left blank, measurements taken on or prior to Study Day 1 are considered to be baseline measurements.
To Specify a Baseline Time Window:
Enter the start and end time for the window, enclosed in square brackets ([]), within the text field. Separate the start and end time with a comma (,).
For example, if you desire to use the week before the start of treatment as your baseline:
Specify Days as the Time Scale.
Type [-7,1] in the text field, as shown below: