Parameters | Clinical | Create review package

Create review package
Check this box to generate a review package (zipped JMP add-in (.jmpaddin file)) containing an output review (JMP journal (.jrn file)) and the output files and data sets. Refer to Review Packages for an introduction to review packages.
The resulting review package name begins with Workflow, is concatenated with the name specified in the Review Output File field, and ends with the .jmpaddin extension. (If you do not specify a Review Output File, the Study name is used instead.) It is placed in the Study’s Output Folder.
When you run the report, a JMP Message window (shown below) opens, showing the name and path to the Review Package.
Click Open Output Folder to retrieve the review package from the study output folder and send it to another JMP Clinical user.
This package can be sent to other JMP Clinical users for examination and evaluation. Recipients should double-click on the review package (or drag it onto the Starter window) to convert the corresponding file paths, open the journal files, and if study data is included (see Include study data in package), install the study.
For detailed information about the files and data sets used or created by JMP Life Sciences software, see Files and Data Sets.
To Specify the Creation of a Review Package: