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Additional PROC CLUSTER Options
Enter any SAS PROC CLUSTER options in this field to supplement those already specified.
You can specify any PROC CLUSTER options using the following syntax:
OPTION is the PROC CLUSTER option,
Examples of commonly used PROC DISTANCE options are listed in the following table:
Omits points with low estimated probability densities from the analysis. Valid values for n are 0 < n < 100. If n < 1, then n is the proportion of observations omitted. If n > 1, then n is interpreted as a percentage. A specification of TRIM=10, which trims 10% of the points, is a reasonable value for many data sets.
Specifies the number of neighbors to use for kth-nearest-neighbor density estimation. The number of neighbors (n) must be at least two but less than the number of observations.
Specifies the radius of the sphere of support (n) for uniform-kernel density estimation. The value of n must be greater than zero.
Requests the hybrid clustering method in which density estimates are computed from a preliminary cluster analysis using the K-Means clustering method.
Specifies the beta parameter (n) for the flexible beta method. The value of n should be less than 1, usually between 0 and -1. By default, BETA= -0.25.
To Specify One or More PROC CLUSTER Options:
Type a specific PROC CLUSTER option in the Additional PROC CLUSTER Options field.
For example, to specify a trim value of 5%, type TRIM=5 in the text field, as shown below.
For Additional Information
Refer to the SAS PROC CLUSTER documentation for more information.