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PROC GLMSELECT Modeling Options
Use this field to specify additional modeling options in the PROC GLMSELECT MODEL statement.
The MODEL statement names the d dependent variable and the explanatory effects, including covariates, main effects, constructed effects, interactions, and nested effects.
You can specify any PROC GLMSELECT MODEL option using the following syntax:
Option is the PROC GLMSELECT MODEL option.
Some PROC GLMSELECT MODEL options are described in the following table:
Requests p-values in “ ANOVA” and “Parameter Estimate” tables.
To Specify One or More PROC GLMSELECT MODEL Options:
Type specific PROC GLMSELECT MODEL options in the PROC GLMSELECT Modeling Options field.
For example, to show relevant p-values, type SHOWPVALUES in the text field, as shown below.
Refer to the SAS PROC GLMSELECT MODEL Statement documentation for more information.