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DM Distribution
The DM Distribution process compares distributions of demographic variables across treatment arms via a one-way ANOVA or contingency analysis.
What do I need?
This process requires several demographic-related variables. These include:
a treatment variable (the actual treatment received by each subject (TRT01A)),
the planned treatment (intent-to-treat) for each subject (TRT01P), or the description of the planned treatment arm (ARM),
Variables can be taken either from the subject level analysis data set (ADSL) included in the Analysis Data Model (ADaM) folder or from the DM domain in SDTM. Refer to Localization-Specific Value Specification for more information about these data sets.
Note: This report cannot be run on machines running English-language operating systems if specified filters contain double-byte character sets (DBCS).
Results of the distribution analysis are presented in a tabbed report. Refer to the DM Distribution output documentation for detailed descriptions and guides to interpreting your results.