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Add Study from Folders
This process adds a study (see Studies) from folders that contain CDISC-formatted data. You must add a study before you can perform the analysis. This process can also import SAS transport files for you.
What do I need?
Note: This process ignores CDI and metadata server permissions, and assumes appropriate rights for data access.
If you plan to run JMP connected to SAS on a server, you must also have run the Add SAS Server Profile process once to store connection settings for the server, and selected the corresponding server profile (see Select SAS Server Profile) before you can use this process to add a study.
The following table summarizes the minimum requirements of new studies.
The SDTM or SEND Folder must contain the following domains: AE, CM, DM, DS, EG, EX, LB, MH, and VS.
The ADaM Folder must contain adsl.sas7bdat.
Note: If JMP is connected to SAS on a server, the SDTM or SEND Folder and/or ADaM Folder must reside on the server that you are adding the study to.
The study and associated metadata is added to your database.