Processes | Clinical | Add Study from Metadata Libraries

Add Study from Metadata Libraries
This process enables you to add a study (see Studies) from SAS metadata libraries containing CDISC-formatted data.
What do I need?
You must first register SAS metadata libraries on a server, and be granted permissions to view libraries.
Please contact your SAS Metadata Server Administrator or Technical Support for instructions on setting up the server, libraries, and permissions.
Note: This process honors user-level permissions, but currently does not honor table (domain) permissions, set for the metadata libraries.
You must also have run the Add SAS Server Profile process once to store connection settings for the server containing SAS metadata libraries, and selected the corresponding server profile (see Select SAS Server Profile) before you can use this process to add a study.
This process prompts for the following information:
either the SDTM or SEND Metadata Library Name, or the ADaM Metadata Library Name
The SDTM metadata library must contain the following domains: AE, CM, DM, DS, EG, EX, LB, MH, and VS.
The ADaM metadata library must contain adsl.sas7bdat.
The study and associated metadata is added to your database.