JMP Clinical Starter | Findings

Click on a button corresponding to a findings process. Refer to the table below for guidance.
Comparing Distributions of findings and demographic variables across treatment arms
Screening findings measurements for a specified domain one at a time by performing a repeated-measures analysis of variance
Displaying Shift Plots to compare test measurements for a specified findings domain at baseline versus on-therapy values, and performing a matched pairs analysis on average score during baseline and a summary score during the trial
Displaying Box Plots by treatment group representing the change from baseline in measurements for each test for a specified findings domain across various time windows or points in a study
Visualizing findings measurements across the timeline of a study
Creating waterfall plots to show the distribution of changes in test measurements for a given Findings domain across subjects
Tracking a pair of findings measurements over time with an animated Bubble Plot
Defining events using one or more findings tests to be analyzed in a time-to-event analysis
Visualizing peak values for lab measurements pertaining to Hy’s Law for detecting potential liver toxicity for all subjects across treatment arms
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