JMP Clinical Starter | Studies

Introduction to Studies
What is a Study?
A study is a collection of input data folders, settings, and an output folder. Specifically, a study consists of a Study Name associated with one or more data set folders (at least one SDTM or SEND Folder or ADaM Folder must be specified) and zero or more settings, along with a unique Output Folder.
Benefits of Using Studies
Most JMP Clinical processes require that you specify a study before execution. The chosen study is automatically updated with the output data sets created and the setting that is run. A metadata folder for each study provides a central location for tracking all the processes that have been run, in both the _processinfo.sas7bdat data set and the StudyLog.txt file. A notes folder similarly contains study comment files.
Note: Metadata, notes, and other saved settings are stored in your user home folder. In Windows 7, this is typically C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Local\SAS\JMPClinical\11\JMPC\.
Using Studies
Create a Study
You can register a new study from a local or server folder, a SAS CDI database, or a SAS metadata library, by using one of the processes listed below. Click on their links for more information.
Select a Study
Select the desired study by using either the Starter Current Study button or the Study button located at the top of the General tab of most process dialogs.
Rename a Study
Use the Manage Studies process to rename a study.
Associate Data Set Folders with a Study
Use the Manage Studies process to change the input folders or output folder associated with a study. Data set associations for the study are also updated as processes are run with the study selected, as described in the Benefits of Using Studies section.
Combine Studies
Use the Combine Studies process to combine studies together.
Migrate Studies
Use the Migrate Studies process to combine studies together.
Ensure That a Study Contains the Necessary Variables for JMP Clinical
Use the Check Required Variables process to ensure that the SAS data sets in the study folders contain the variables required for JMP Clinical processes.
Review a Study
Use the Snapshot History process to generate a summary report of the snapshot history for the currently selected study
Use the Domain Viewer process to review the study domains for a selected set of subjects.
Use the Notes Viewer process to review the notes for a selected study
Delete a Study
Use the Manage Studies process to delete all or part of a study.
See the JMP Clinical Starter main page for other process categories.
Build a Review
Use the Review Builder to build and run an analysis of a study.