JMP Clinical Starter | Subject Utilities

Subject Utilities
Click on a button corresponding to a subject utility. Refer to the table below for guidance.
Note: Some processes require that a JMP table be open and in focus, with desired patients selected, prior to execution.
Performing a subject-level clustering of patients with each of the domain indicators1
Generating a subject filter that is applied to all subsequent processes run on the data for a study1
Removing a subject filter from the current study
Displaying the distribution of the review status of subjects in a study
Adding data for various domains to the ADSL table corresponding to incidence of variables in the AE, CM, LB, and MH domains and a summary statistic for LB, EG, and VS domain values
Tip: The resulting output data set is suitable for Pattern Discovery and Predictive Modeling processes. A transposed version is also produced, which is useful for clustering.
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