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Click on a button corresponding to a SAS data set table utility. These utilities can be grouped into three major purposes: inspection, consolidation, and reversible reorganization. A multi-purpose DATA STEP utility is also available.
Processes for inspection of one or more data sets are available.
Quickly viewing all or part of one data set, and obtaining a high-level summary along with detailed variable attributes. It can also be used in planning for, and verifying the outcome of, other utilities.
Quickly comparing data sets in two folders and generating a report on their identities and differences.
Two major operations can be performed to consolidate data from multiple data sets into one. They are outlined below.
To transpose a SAS data set (columns become rows and rows become columns), choose Transpose Rectangular. It is not tall- or wide-specific, and is reversible.
Multi-purpose DATA STEP Utility
A very general mechanism for performing ad hoc manipulations and modifications on a SAS data set is available in the DATA Step process.
Caution: This process requires knowledge of SAS DATA Step and other commands. Please refer to Base SAS documentation ( for more information. You should not attempt to use this process unless you have some experience with SAS programming.
Assigning Data Sets and Variables
Processes for assigning default data sets or variable roles are available.
See SAS Data Set Utilities for other subcategories.