JMP Clinical Starter

JMP Clinical Starter
Click on a category to reveal subcategories and processes. Refer to the table below for guidance.
Adding, managing, renaming, checking, combining, and deleting studies. A study is a collection of input data folders, settings, and an output folder. Once specified, it can be conveniently used across a wide array of processes, eliminating the need to re-specify input data and parameter information for every process. See the Studies page for more information.
A new process for building a review is included here. A review is a sequence of reports and analyses run in a specific order -- an analytical pipeline. Once built, a review can be called repeatedly, eliminating the need to re-specify parameters for each of the individual analysis.
Analyzing demographic data, such as distributions of demographic variables across treatment arms as well as assessing study visit data.
Analyzing intervention data via an exposure summary, distribution analysis, or incidence screen.
Analyzing event data, including mortality cause and adverse event incidence.
Analyzing findings data, through the use of distributions and other types of plots, time trends, and other screening methods.
Generating reports of visit, safety, and comment data.
Clustering, filtering, and profiling subjects, and other associated tasks.
Data mining as a pharmacovigilance effort.
Tip: Explore data quality and evaluate the need for normalization before using these processes.
Construction of continuous or categorical outcome predictors using data from genetic markers, microarrays, or proteomics as predictor variables. Model comparison and data preparation utilities are also available.
Viewing, adjusting, and combining p-values in preparation for more detailed analyses.
Imputing missing values, building estimate statements, and computing statistical power.
Note: JMP Clinical automatically assesses the selected study for required domains and variables. The Starter window then displays only those reports that can be run with your study. You can run The Pre-Study Variables Report (under the Documentation and Help menu) for more information.
See The Menu Bar for additional processes and commands pertinent to JMP Clinical.
See Current Study, and Current Customization for information about process and Starter defaults.
See the JMP Clinical User Guide for all other documentation.