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Rules for Study Names
Study names can be up to 32 characters in length and must be unique.
Important: In client/server mode, study names must be unique across your local machine (client) and all servers that you connect to. For example, if you previously registered “MyStudy” on your local machine (client), you (or your server administrator) should not attempt to register a second “MyStudy” on any server that you connect to, and vice versa.
Note: Although the case of your study name is retained, case differences alone do not make a study name unique. For example, if you previously registered “MYSTUDY”, you cannot create another study named “MyStudy” until you delete the “MYSTUDY” variant.
Note: Studies introduced through the installation of review packages whose study name is identical to a currently registered study on your machine are automatically appended with a numeric suffix to force uniqueness. For example, if “MyStudy” is already registered on your machine, and you receive a review package containing study input data for “MyStudy”, the “MyStudy_2” study is registered on your machine.
Acceptable Characters
Study names must start with a letter (A-Z a-z). After the first character, study names can contain any of the following characters:
letters: A-Z a-z
spaces (blanks)
special: ‘ ~ ! @ # - _ + [ ] .
Caution: You should assume that characters not listed above are potentially problematic. Use them at your own risk.
Unacceptable Characters
The following characters have been verified as unacceptable:
special: $ % ^ & * ( ) = / \ | ; : ’ “ , < > ?