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3D Scatterplot
The 3D Scatterplot tab is shown below:
The 3D Scatterplot tab contains the following elements:
This plot shows a three-dimensional view of the peak values of BILI, ALT, and AST lab tests. Each point represents a subject with BILI, ALT, and AST values on the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis respectively. Red points correspond to subjects flagged based on the Hy's Law criteria: ALT or AST elevation accompanied or followed by BILI elevation. The displayed lab tests can be changed with the drop-down list boxes (bottom). For example, you can choose to display ALP test values instead of AST by changing the bottom right list box.
Tip: You can click and hold the left mouse button while dragging the mouse pointer over the plot to move the plot for viewing.
This plot is linked to the results and data shown on the Hy’s Law Screening tab. If you double-click in the plot and drag the mouse pointer, you can select subjects. Those subjects are also selected in the Hy's Law Screening results. You can also choose to run an Action Button drill-down.