Output Tab Descriptions | Clinical | Between-Subject Distance Summary (Cluster Subjects Across Study Sites)

Between-Subject Distance Summary (Cluster Subjects Across Study Sites)
The Between-Subject Distance Summary tab is shown below.
It contains the following elements:
One set of Box Plots of Between-Subject Distances by Covariate Subgroup.
Box plots are presented for all pairwise distances between subjects in the selected population. Pairs are limited based on selections from the Cluster Subjects Matching These Criteria panel of the dialog. In this example, box plots are presented by gender and race. The more similar a pair of subjects, the smaller the distance value (a zero indicates a perfect match).
One Box Plot of Minimum Between-Subject Distances for Each Site.
The box plot of minimum distance from each covariate subgroup is presented in the box plot to the right. The subgroup with the most similar pair of subjects is presented on the Subgroup Clustering tab.
A Local Data Filter to subset histograms to data of interest. In this example data are filtered for a particular set of study monitors. Age (and height and weight, if available) are presented to limit pairs to those that are more likely to indicate a match between two subjects. Selecting Within subsets to pairs from subjects within the same site. Selecting Between subsets to subjects from different sites.
See Local Data Filter in the JMP documentation for more information.