Output Tab Descriptions | Clinical | Country-Level Data

Country-Level Data
The Country-Level Data tab contains the following elements:
One data table: The table has one row per country and a number of risk indicators (in columns) summarizing safety, quality metrics, and site performance at the country level.
From left to right, the data table shows data and risk-indicators grouped within categories: Overall Indicators, Enrollment Metrics, Disposition, Adverse Events, and Manually Entered Site Metrics (data from Update Study Risk Data Set).
Risk indicators (columns) are colored in green, yellow and/or red when thresholds are defined in the selected risk threshold matrix. For a given indicator, green shows little risk for a particular country, while red shows excess risk. Indicators colored in yellow are considered intermediate.
Overall indicators are combinations of the other risk indicators in the table. For example, the Overall Indicator is a summary of all risk indicators for which thresholds were defined. Based on the Default Risk Threshold matrix, these indicators contribute equally to this indicator.
Variables contributing to category-specific Overall indicators are based on how these indicators are categorized in the data table.
The color of row markers is based on the risk indicator selected from the Risk Indicators drill down.
You should refer to How are risk thresholds defined? for information about how risk thresholds are computed.