Output Tab Descriptions | Clinical | Distribution

The Distribution tab contains the following elements:
Four Histograms, detailing counts and proportions for review status (reviewed or unreviewed) review flag (introduced, new record, modified record, or stable), and availability of user and system notes.
Review status can be changed when reviewing subjects from the Patient Profiler. In this example, 4 out of 902 subjects (0.4%) have been reviewed in the Patient Profiler, all have been newly added to the review, none of them have user notes, and 100 subjects (11.1%) have system notes.
Note: The review flag of a reviewed subject who is found to have new or modified records with a study update is switched to unreviewed.
Note: System notes are automatically generated to record the timestamp of study creation and modification events.
One Data Filter.
This enables you to subset subjects based on demographic characteristics and treatment.