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Distribution Details
Presents histograms for available demographic characteristics such as age, sex, race, ethnicity. Histograms of the Treatment Variable to Use, Study Site Identifier and Country are also presented. Should more than one Country be presented in the DM domain, a world map is presented with color indicating the count of subjects from each Country. See JMP Documentation on Distribution for more information.
The Distribution Details section contains the following elements:
The height (or length) of each bar is an indication of the number of subjects exhibiting each demographic characteristic. Numbers above (or to the right of) each bar reflect a count of the number of subjects. Counts or percents can be added or removed using Histogram Options, which can be viewed by selecting the red triangle ().
Quantiles and summary statistics are provided for continuous variables like Age, and frequencies are provided for categorical variables like Sex. These can be viewed by clicking the triangles ().
See Distribution for more information.
In lieu of a histogram, should Country have more than one level, a map summarizes the geographic location of individuals. Color is reflective of the number of subjects from each Country.
See maps for more information.