Output Tab Descriptions | Clinical | Distributions

The Distributions tab is shown above and contains the following elements:
One Findings Test Counts Graph.
This graph shows a Histogram displaying how often measurements were taken for each findings test (xxTESTCD) during the study.
A set of Distributions.
These display counts and histograms of relevant variables in the Findings data set. A distribution of subjects on the Actual, Planned, or Specified Treatment is shown as well as other findings variables (if present). Findings variables displayed can include the Findings Body System (xxBODSYS), Reference Range Indicator (xxNRIND), the Category for the Test (xxCAT) and Subcategory (xxSCAT), the Categorical Findings Result (xxSTRESC, only displayed for categorical findings domains), the Visit and Time Points at which findings were taken (VISIT and xxTPT), Baseline Flag (xxBLFL), and the Study Day.
These distributions are useful for understanding the frequency and details of findings tests taken during a study. All distributions are linked: You can select bars in one histogram to see where those measurements fall in other findings variables shown on the display. Once you make selections, you can use the drill down buttons to drill down on those selected subjects.