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Distributions (AE Distribution)
The Distributions tab contains the following elements:
The height (or length) of each bar is an indication of the number of events exhibiting such characteristics. Numbers above (or to the right of) each bar reflect a count of the number of events. Counts or percents can be added or removed using Histogram Options, which can be viewed by selecting the red triangle ().
Covariates summarized include Study Start Day, Causality, Outcome, Severity/Intensity, and Seriousness. If Count multiple occurrences of an event per subject is not checked, the event chosen is based on sorting the data by seriousness (AESER), severity (AESEV or AETOXGR), and study day (AESTDY). For Events Distribution or Interventions Distribution, the earliest of each event or intervention is presented.
See Distributions for more information.