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Mahalanobis Distance
The Mahalanobis Distance tab is shown below.
It contains the following elements:
One JMP Mahalanobis Distances plot to identify significant outliers. In the Mahalanobis Distances plot shown above, the distance of each specific observation (row number) from the mean center of the other observations of each row number is plotted. Those outlier points residing above the dotted line correspond to those rows that warrant the most attention due to their significant distance from the mean center of all other observations.
The first box plot shows all subjects for which Mahalanobis Distance is calculated. Values closer to zero (0) reflect subjects that are close to the multivariate mean of the variables (inliers). Larger values represent subjects that are extreme in multivariate space. The square of Mahalanobis Distance is distributed as chi-square with k degrees of freedom, where k is the number of variables used in the calculation of Mahalanobis Distance. The redline reflects the square root of k. The second figure shows box plots by study site. This allows the analyst to determine how different sites are from the multivariate mean.
One Data Filter.
Enables you to subset Histograms based on date characteristics. Additional terms can be added from the data table using the AND and OR buttons of the filter.