Output Tab Descriptions | Clinical | Missing Lab Test Summary

Missing Lab Test Summary
The Missing Lab Test Summary tab is shown below:
The Missing Lab Test Summary tab contains the following elements:
One table of Counts of Subjects Missing Liver Lab Records.
This table lists counts of subjects across treatment arms for which the relevant liver tests were not performed or measured. It is common in clinical trials to measure these laboratory tests in order to monitor for potential liver injury.
Important: The counts shown on this tab include subjects that had no record or were missing all values for all four liver lab tests. The counts and percentages for Missing Test Result on the Tables tab are calculated out of all subjects that have at least one nonmissing result for at least one of the liver lab tests.
The counts in the table columns are interactive. You can select the numbers to select the corresponding subjects for which a test was not measured. You can then use the Drill Down Buttons to show those subjects or profile them for further analysis.