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Site XX Distance Matrix
The Site XX Distance Matrix tab is shown below. There is one tab for each study site in the trial. However, only the site with the minimum pairwise distance is initially opened to minimize effects on performance. Other tabs can be opened using the Tabs menu.
It contains the following elements:
Summarizes the distribution of all pairwise Euclidian distances within site XX. Small pairwise distances can be selected in the Box Plot and highlighted in the Hierarchical Clustering Heat Map with the Show Rows in Heat Map button.
One Hierarchical Clustering display.
Clusters subjects based on the pairwise Euclidian distances summarized in the box plot. Bluer color indicates subjects that are more similar, whereas red shows subjects less similar. The clustering dendrogram is presented to the right of the heat map and can shows sets of more than two subjects that are similar to one another.
See Cluster Subjects for more information.