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SAS Data Sets
SAS data sets have extension .sas7bdat. In your Windows file types (Control Panel > Folder Options > File Types), we recommend you associate the extension .sas7bdat with JMP so that double-clicking on any .sas7bdat file opens it in JMP as a JMP table. Assuming that a data set is not too large, you can use JMP to produce its native graphics and analyses, in addition to those created by JMP Clinicas dialogs. You can also save a JMP table as a SAS data set by changing the Save as type: specification in the Save JMP File As dialog, which is surfaced by clicking File > Save As....
The rules for naming SAS data set names are the same as the Rules for Study Names.
The columns in a SAS data set are called variables, and the rows are called observations. This terminology is used frequently in JMP dialogs and throughout this documentation.