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Fit Model and Plot LS Means
Depending on the process, a Wide Subset window might appear. You have the option to select variables that uniquely define wide column names, a common prefix, or a name for the output wide data set.
WARNING: Do not select a sub-feature variable to uniquely define wide column names if an ANOVA was constructed using the corresponding feature variable as a BY variable. For example, do not select probeset_id to uniquely define wide column names in the Wide Subset dialog if transcript_cluster_id was selected as one of the By Variables in the ANOVA dialog. If you fail to heed this warning, JMP will crash!
Next, the JMP Fit Model platform is opened with selected observations and options preloaded.
See The Fit Model Dialog in the JMP Help (Help > Contents > Modeling and Multivariate Methods > Introduction to Model Fitting) for details about this process.