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Linkage Map Files
Use this field to specify the linkage map files that are used to construct a consensus linkage map.
Linkage map files must be SAS data sets (with the .sas7bdat extension) and each file must have at least three columns named: LinkageGroup , MarkerName , and MarkerPosition .
The LinkageGroup column lists the linkage group names or indexes (numeric or character). The MarkerName column lists the marker names (character). Lastly, the MarkerPosition column holds the position (in centiMorgans) of each marker on the chromosome (numerical). Each additional column corresponds to an individual and lists the alleles that individual has at every marker.
The HA.sas7bdat linkage map file is shown below:
Note the three required columns. Columns AK1 - AK78 list markers for the 78 individuals.
To Specify One or More Linkage Group Files:
All of the files in the specified folder are displayed in the Available Files field.
Click to add the highlighted files to the Linkage Group Files field, as shown below: