Processes | Pattern Discovery | -log10(p-Value) Cutoff for Output Test Data Set

-log 10 ( p -Value) Cutoff for Output Test Data Set
Use this option to specify a cutoff of -log 10 ( p-values ) for including correlations in the Output Test Data Set . Only pairs of variables that have a -log 10 p -value greater than the value specified are included. For example, specify 1.3 to set the raw p -value cutoff at 0.05, or specify 4 to set it at 0.0001.
Tip : For large data sets, it is recommended that you set this to a relatively large value to keep the data set to a manageable size.
To Specify the -Log 10 ( P -Value) Cutoff:
Tip : To change the scale of the slider, right-click on the slider and select Rescale Slider from the pop-up menu. Change the upper and/or lower boundaries in the window that appears, to rescale the slider and click OK .