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Transform Expression
Use this field to specify appropriate SAS syntax for transforming the variables .
Specify the transformation as a function of varb[i] and varm[i] . The former represents the variables from the Base Input SAS Data Set , and the latter represents the corresponding variables from the Merge Input SAS Data Set . For example, type varb[i] = varb[i] - varm[i]; in this field to subtract the merge variables from the base variables.
Additional SAS statements can be used to modify the resulting data set. For example, typing varb[i] = varb[i] - varm[i]; drop var3 var5; subtracts the merge variables from the base variables and drops var3 and var5 from the output data set. Note : It is assumed here that var3 and var5 exist in either the base or merge data sets. The transformation can include any SAS function.
To Specify a Transform Expression:
Enter a valid expression into the Transform Expression field.