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Manage Subject Filters
This process removes subject filters from the current study. Specifically, when you open this process, it:
Searches the Filters folder (typically located in the C:\Users\ user \AppData\Local\SAS\JMP\10\JMPC\Filters folder) for all subjectfilter.sas7bdat data sets.
Displays all of the subjectfilter.sas7bdat data sets.
Enables you to Select and Delete one or more filters, regardless of whether the filter is currently applied.
Changes SubjectFilter in to No .
When the process finds one or more subject filters, the following dialog is displayed:
What do I need?
You must have previously created a filter (for example, using the Create Subject Filter process) in order to manage one.
If a subject filter existed, it is now deleted , as confirmed by the message shown below.
If a subject filter did not exist , the following message appears.