Processes | Studies | View Study Metadata

View Study Metadata
This process enables you to view metadata , including data sets, settings, and logs, for any study.
What do I need?
You must have created a study before running this process. You can view metadata for any or all studies previously created.
The available buttons and associated files are described below.
Associated file or folder 1
\JMPG\Metadata\ <name of study> \
\JMPG\Metadata\ <name of study> \
\JMPG\Metadata\ <name of study> \
\JMPG\Metadata\ <name of study> \StudyLog.txt
\JMPG\Metadata\ <name of study> \_processinfo.sas7bdat

The default path to the user’s home directory varies by operating system . In Windows 7, it is typically <drive> :\Users\ <username> \AppData\Local\SAS\JMP\10 . Refer to documentation on other operating systems for respective paths.