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Convert Character Date
The Convert Character Date process takes an ISO 8601 character date (which could include time), strip off the date part and add a numeric version of the variable to the data table (which can be saved with the new variable). Running this process enables you to subsequently filter your results based on a numeric variable .
This process is available under the Cols menu.
What do I need?
You must have a JMP table open and in focus. Only character date variables can be specified.
The following JMP table was generated when the DM Distribution process was run for the Nicardipine example study.
The Date/Time of Birth column (highlighted above) will be converted. Note the icon (circled, above), next to the highlighted column in the Columns pane, indicating this variable is a character (nominal) variable.
For detailed information about the files and data sets used or created by JMP Life Sciences software, see Files and Data Sets .
To Convert a Character Date
Click Date Variable to specify the highlighted column.
Click Run .
This process adds a new column (highlighted below) containing the converted date values to the end of the JMP table.
Note : The label for the new column has “Numeric” appended to the original column label.
Compare the icon (circled, above) for the original column in the Columns pane with the (circled above) for the new column. indicating the new variable is a numeric (continuous) variable.