Maximizing Desirability Based on a Function
First, create a column called Custom Desirability that contains the above formula. Then, select Graph > Profiler to launch the platform. Select all the Pred Formula columns and the Custom Desirability column and select Y, Prediction Formula. Turn on the desirability functions by selecting Optimization and Desirability > Desirability Functions from the red triangle menu. All the desirability functions for the individual effects must be turned off. To do this, first double-click in a desirability plot window, and then select None in the window that appears (Selecting No Desirability Goal). Set the desirability for Custom Desirability to be maximized.
Selecting No Desirability Goal
At this point, selecting Optimization and Desirability > Maximize Desirability uses only the custom Custom Desirability function.
Maximized Custom Desirability

Help created on 9/19/2017