Click Add to enter one or more linear inequality constraints.
Select factors from the Add Filter Factors list and click Add. Then specify the disallowed combinations by using the slider (for continuous factors) or by selecting levels (for categorical factors).
To remove a single factor, select Delete from its red triangle menu.
Blocks Display shows each level as a block.
List Display shows each level as a member of a list.
Single Category Display shows each level.
Check Box Display adds a check box next to each value.
Clear Find clears the results of the Find operation and returns the panel to its original state.
Match Case uses the case of the search string to return the correct results.
Contains searches for values that include the search string.
Does not contain searches for values that do not include the search string.
Starts with searches for values that start with the search string.
Ends with searches for values that end with the search string.
Enter the expression (Exp(X1) + 2*X2 < 0) & (X3 == 2) into the script window.
Expression in Script Editor

Help created on 9/19/2017