The extraction factors and their settings are given in the data table Extraction Generate a definitive screening design with a block as follows.
Select DOE > Definitive Screening > Definitive Screening Design.
Double-click Y under Response Name and type Yield.
Open the Extraction sample data table, located in the Design Experiment folder.
Click Continue.
Select Add Blocks with Center Runs to Estimate Quadratic Effects.
Leave Number of Blocks set at 2.
You are recreating the design for the Extraction2 sample data table, which was created without Extra Runs. Although four Extra Runs are strongly recommended, you will not add Extra Runs in this example.
Next to Number of Extra Runs, select 0.
Click Make Design.
Check that Block has been added to the Factors outline and to the Design.
Click Make Table.
Definitive Screening Design with Block for Extraction Process
At this point, you conduct your experiment and record your data in the Yield column of the design table (Definitive Screening Design with Block for Extraction Process). The Extraction2 sample data table contains your experimental results. The runs in the Extraction2 sample data table are in a different order than those in Definitive Screening Design with Block for Extraction Process.
Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Design Experiment/Extraction2
Fit Definitive Screening Report
Click the Run Model button at the bottom of the Combined Model Parameter Estimates report.
Standard Least Squares Report
The Actual by Predicted Plot shows no evidence of lack of fit. The Effect Summary report shows that Methanol*Methanol is not significant. You decide to remove this effect from the model.
Select Methanol*Methanol in the Effect Summary report and click Remove.
Final Set of Active Effects

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