The Goal Plot shows, for each variable, the spec-normalized mean shift on the x-axis, and the spec-normalized standard deviation on the y-axis. It is useful for getting a quick, summary view of how the variables are conforming to specification limits. By default, the Goal Plot shows only those points for each column that are calculated using the overall sigma. Hold your cursor over each point to view the variable name and the sigma method used to calculate the point. See Goal Plot for details about the calculation of the coordinates for the Goal Plot.
Shows or hides the Ppk level shading. See Goal Plot. When you select Shade Levels, shaded areas appear in the plot. The shaded areas are described as follows, with p representing the value shown in the box beneath Ppk:
Goal Plot shows the Goal Plot for the entire data set for the Semiconductor sample data table after selecting Shade Levels and Show Within Sigma Points from the Goal Plot red triangle menu.
Goal Plot

Help created on 9/19/2017