Launch the Principal Components platform by selecting Analyze > Multivariate Methods > Principal Components. Principal Component analysis is also available using the Multivariate and the Scatterplot 3D platforms.
The example described in Example of Principal Component Analysis uses all of the continuous variables from the sample data table.
Principal Components Launch Window
The Default option uses either the Row-wise, Pairwise, or REML methods. A JMP Alert also recommends switching to the Wide method when appropriate.
Row-wise estimation is used for data tables with no missing values.
Pairwise estimation is used for data tables with missing values and either more than 10 columns, more than 5,000 rows, or more columns than rows.
REML estimation is used otherwise.
Wide estimation is recommended by a JMP Alert window for data tables with more than 500 columns. This is because computation time can be considerable when you use the other methods with a large number of columns. Click Wide to switch to the Wide method or click Continue to use the method you originally selected.

Help created on 9/19/2017