Save Document Singular Vectors
Save Document Topic Vectors
Save Stacked DTM for Association
Saves a stacked version of the document-term matrix to a JMP data table. The stacked format is appropriate for analysis in the Association Analysis platform. For more information, see Association Analysisin the Predictive and Specialized Modeling book. If you specify an ID variable in the Text Explorer launch window, the ID variable is used to identify the rows that each term came from in the original text data table. The stacked table also contains a table script to launch Association Analysis.
Save Singular Vector Formula
Save Topic Vector Formula
Save Term Singular Vectors
Save Term Topic Vectors
Assigns log10( 1 + x ), where x is the count of a term’s occurrence in each document.
Assigns TF * log10( nDoc / nDocTerm ). Abbreviation for term frequency - inverse document frequency. This is the default weighting. The terms in the formula are defined as follows:
TF = frequency of the term in the document
nDoc = number of documents in the corpus
nDocTerm = number of documents that contain the term

Help created on 9/19/2017