Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Design Experiment/Bounce Data.jmp.
The file Bounce Data.jmp contains your experiment results.
Run the Model script.
Notice that the main effects in the Construct Model Effects list are followed by the & RS suffix. This suffix indicates that these are response surface effects, which produce a Response Surface report in the Standard Least Squares report.
Click Run.
Figure 10.6 Lack of Fit and Effect Tests Reports
There is no indication of lack of fit and the Effect Tests report indicates that all but two higher-order terms (Silica*Silane and Silane*Silane) have p-values below 0.0001. See Lack of Fit and Effect Tests in the Fitting Linear Models book for more information about interpretation of the tables in Figure 10.6.
Figure 10.7 Response Surface Report
See Response Surface Model Example in the Fitting Linear Models book for details about the response surface analysis tables in Figure 10.7.

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